What vitamins should adults take to boost immunity

What vitamins should adults take to boost immunity

Immunity is the innate ability of the body to resist hostile external influences, and above all, viruses and bacteria. Without immunity, man could not exist. Immunity is provided by various components. First of all, these are lymphocytes and leukocytes, as well as phagocytes that absorb foreign microorganisms. In addition, a significant role in immunity is played by human skin and mucous membranes, which produce substances that kill germs.

Immunity is not always permanent – due to various reasons, it can weaken, and then the body will become an easy target for various diseases.

Signs of low immunity and who is at risk

Signs of low immunity include:

  • a person often gets sick and slowly recovers
  • fatigue, constant weakness
  • prolonged wound healing
  • poor condition of the skin and mucous membranes, rash on the skin
  • various pains of unknown nature

Weak immunity hits almost any system of the body and can even be fatal if it is not specifically targeted to strengthen it.

The lack of immunity may be due to different reasons:

  • chronic stress
  • hereditary factors
  • lack of vitamins and microelements
  • advanced age
  • diseases causing immunity, such as AIDS
  • many other serious chronic diseases

There are also situations in which the human body needs to mobilize all the body’s defenses, including immunity. In such cases, the immunity should be much higher than in the normal situation.

People who need to improve immunity:

  • pregnant and lactating mothers
  • having various infectious diseases
  • training athletes
  • people working in harsh conditions

If the treatment of immunity associated with diseases is a difficult task, and requires the intervention of qualified doctors, then enhance the immunity associated with a lack of vitamins, the strength of each of us.

It is worth noting that if you start taking vitamins to maintain immunity, it will not always give the desired effect, especially if the lack of immunity is due to other reasons. The presence of essential vitamins in the body does not directly affect the immunity. However, indirectly, as a means to support the body in optimal form and improve metabolism, the use of vitamins brings great benefits.

How to determine the lack of vitamins and minerals?

As you know, in the cold time a person begins the so-called blues. Fatigue, lack of sleep, melancholy – all these are signs of a lack of vitamins. Each of them has a specific area of ​​influence in the human body. Vitamin deficiency can lead to poor health, lethargy, inability to focus on something important, apathy, bad mood.

Causes of vitamin deficiencies can be different:

  • recent diseases
  • wrong and unbalanced nutrition
  • lack of sun
  • period of pregnancy and lactation
  • gastrointestinal disturbances that prevent the effective absorption of vitamins from food

Detecting vitamin deficiencies is not always easy. It can be various violations in the digestive tract, nervous and cardiovascular systems, deterioration of hair, nails and skin. They are not always associated with a lack of vitamins. Therefore, if you suspect that the cause of all problems with your body is precisely the lack of vitamins, it is best to clarify this diagnosis with a doctor. Indeed, under the guise of beriberi may hide more dangerous diseases.

The most common symptoms of vitamin deficiency:

  • Hair loss. Start taking vitamins PP, B2, B6
  • Rash or too dry skin. With these symptoms, take vitamins A, P, C
  • Bleeding gums. Necessary to replenish the lack of vitamins P and C

Special attention with a lack of vitamins should be given to nutrition. Namely, start to follow what you eat.

Where are the vitamins

Vitamins and micronutrients necessary for metabolism and immunity, are contained primarily in food. It is not only vegetables and fruits, but also meat, fish and dairy products. However, the greatest amount of vitamins is found in fresh fruits and vegetables. That is why signs of beriberi are most often found in winter and spring, when there is not enough plant foods in food. Of course, it is not necessary to immediately become a vegetarian, but to eat more vegetables, fruits and greens is necessary.

It is recommended to preserve and freeze herbal products so that you can eat them later and get the necessary vitamins, macro- and micronutrients. Although it should be remembered that natural products contain more nutrients than those that have been heat treated.

But in any case, it is impossible to get the full range of vitamins from food, even adhering to carefully balanced and proper nutrition. Therefore, it is recommended to take pharmacy vitamin complexes. To decide whether to take vitamins to strengthen the immunity of adults, you should consult a doctor. Only a specialist can determine the impaired immunity as a result of vitamin deficiency and help to choose a complex that suits a particular person, taking into account his or her characteristics.

If there is no time or opportunity to consult a doctor, then it is important to know which group of vitamins is responsible for certain functions of the body and which vitamins can enhance the immunity of adults.

Vitamin A

Another name for the vitamin is retinol. It strengthens the hair, contributes to a good condition of the skin, quick healing of wounds and scratches, growth of nails and hair. Vitamin A is especially good for the eyes and improves eyesight. In addition, it slows down aging, and is also necessary during puberty. It is found in foods such as carrots, broccoli, peppers, pumpkins, potatoes, melons, peaches, apricots, avocados. Also a lot of vitamin A is found in beef, beef liver, fish, oil, egg yolk. In humans, vitamin A is dissolved with fat.

B Vitamins

This group includes a whole complex of vitamins. These vitamins, consumed in sufficient quantities, will strengthen the nervous system and help avoid stress. Many B vitamins are found in potatoes, cauliflower, nuts, tomatoes, rye bread, buckwheat, oatmeal, cottage cheese, milk. If a person has stress, melancholy, blues, poor sleep, dizziness, then he should take the B vitamins.

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Vitamin C

The main function of vitamin C is to maintain the immune system of the human body. Therefore, it is used in the prevention of colds. Contained in kiwi, Kalina, parsley, currants.

Vitamin D

Essential for bone growth and strength. In large amounts found in the liver, fish, meat, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese. Also vitamin D is produced in the skin, when a person is in the sun. In this regard, residents of regions where there are few sunny days per year are recommended to take it extra.

Vitamin E

This is a source of youth, helps to slow the aging of the human body. Especially beneficial effect on the reproductive ability of women.

Vitamin complexes

To avoid chronic vitamin deficiencies, it is recommended to take special vitamin complexes. Of course, they will not replace natural products – the best sources of vitamins. But sometimes the body, for example during an illness, requires an increased dose of vitamins. And in this case, vitamin complexes are indispensable. In general, they contain most of the vitamins needed by the human body. In the manufacture of complexes using special technologies that allow the body to simultaneously absorb various vitamins.

When taking vitamins it should be borne in mind that an excess of a particular vitamin can bring not good, but harm. And sometimes even more than its lack, up to the most severe poisoning. Therefore, you need to drink vitamins strictly in accordance with the instructions of the doctor and the dosage.

Vitamin complexes are divided into several categories:

  • universal
  • vitamins for children
  • vitamins for pregnant and lactating women
  • vitamins for sports

Vitamin complexes are classified as dietary supplements, which means that they can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription. They are very different in composition and price, and to understand their features and advantages is not always possible. Therefore, it is impossible to give a universal advice which vitamins are better for adults to take for immunity. Nevertheless, it is better not to save on vitamins and to purchase products of well-known manufacturers, so as not to run into a “dummy” (and even worse). On the other hand, inexpensive vitamins are not always bad, and among the drugs available to the majority of the population, you can also find good vitamins for immunity. If you doubt the quality of one or another vitamin set, you can look in the network, what kind of feedback is given by the people who received it and find out its rating.

Consider some popular universal vitamins for improving immunity in adults:

  • Multi-tabs Immuno Plus. Includes all the major vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, as well as folic acid.
  • Vitrum. Contains 20 essential vitamins and minerals. Well proven in the market as a reliable vitamin complex.
  • Centrum. Contains 25 components. It has good antioxidant properties.
  • Revit, Komplivit, Alphabet – good vitamins to enhance immunity in adults in the lower price sector. They contain the most essential vitamins and are very digestible.
  • Immunal. A unique complex, specially designed to strengthen the immune system. Based on the extract of Echinacea purpurea.
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