Thin moment: 4 errors when choosing underwear

Thin moment: 4 errors when choosing underwear

They can be simple, sexy lace or with a funny print. In exceptional cases, you can do without them, if required by the situation and the silhouette of the dress. However, when choosing panties for every day, you must follow the basic rules that will help minimize the health risks.

Below are four errors that it’s time to stop making as soon as possible.

Wrong fabric

When it comes to perfect panties, experts in the field of gynecology agree that maximum attention should be paid to the fabric when choosing. The best option – classic cotton panties with soft seams. “I recommend cotton underwear. Or at least a cotton gusset panties – a part that is in direct contact with the skin, ” advises Elizabeth Eden, MD, and president of NY Gynecological Society. Synthetic fabrics, in addition, can increase your chances of a yeast infection or irritation in the intimate area, reports Good Housekeeping.

After training

If you are a fan of intense workouts, be sure to take a pair of clean panties with you to change them before you leave the gym. “Yeast and bacteria love a warm, moist, dark environment,” obstetrician-gynecologist Octavia Cannon said in an interview with Seventeen magazine. That is why you should not go to the linen, soaked with sweat after class. And, especially, to go home in the same panties, if you do not live two minutes from the fitness club.


Elizabeth Eden says that free “grandma” panties are not always a reasonable choice. The fact is that most often they are made of thick fabric, which, if you are currently trying to cope with the infection, can aggravate the situation. First of all, experts talk about yeast infections, which feel particularly good in a warm environment. So in this case, the best thing is to switch to thin and tight underwear, which does not give you discomfort (that is, it is not too narrow or oppressive).


According to Seventeen experts, the thong is one of the most dangerous models of panties. And such an assessment is quite understandable, since the thin straps of strings are capable of carrying E. coli-type bacteria (E. coli) from the anus into the vagina, and this, in turn, carries obvious risks. “If you need to wear thongs, choose a pair of cotton and remove them as soon as you return from the event,” says Octavia Cannon. – And never, please, never sleep in a thong. “

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