Headache in the forehead and eyes: how to cope

Headache in the forehead and eyes: how to cope

Every day, thousands of people suffer from a terrible headache. Someone has episodic seizures, and someone has to deal with regular headaches, which are still accompanied by gagging, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms. From powerlessness and irritation, it seems to many that it is simply unrealistic to overcome pain in the head. Is it really? Certainly not. There is an exit. And it lies not only in the use of medicines. There are a lot of activities, ways in which you can forget about a headache forever. The most important thing is not to delay finding a solution. Waiting for the pain to go away by itself is at least wrong.

The most common headache in the forehead and eyes occurs after emotional breakdowns. Many experience it in the evening, when the working day ends. As a rule, the cause of this disease is a banal overwork. It is no secret that more than 90% of all information people get through vision. It is not surprising that such an important sense organ gets tired. A person is immersed in the environment that surrounds him; he constantly examines something, studies, analyzes. If the eyes are mainly focused on one thing, they experience an incredibly heavy load, and so the pain in the orbits.

Sometimes a headache can become so acute and severe that it literally paralyzes a person. In this case, he feels discomfort when trying to open his eyes, he is irritated by the noise in his head, his temples begin to throb. The first thing you want to do in this situation is to take some medicine that would instantly relieve from the painful, destroying pain. But do not do this as long as you do not identify the true cause of your headache. After all, often mindless actions, uncontrolled medication can only harm yourself, worsening the already poor condition.

Causes and symptoms of headache in the forehead and eyes

As soon as there is pain in the forehead, it often immediately goes to the eyes. Or sometimes it happens the other way around: first, the eyeballs tighten, and then the pain moves to the frontal region. A reasonable question: why is this happening? Why does headache appear in the forehead and eyes? What are the causes of this condition? Any doctor can say that, in fact, headache is a symptom of a variety of diseases. The reasons for its occurrence are incredibly many. The main causes of headaches are as follows:

• glaucoma;
• migraine;
• myopia;
• high pressure;
• head injuries;
• overstrain, fatigue;
• cluster pain;
• viral infections.

Mental fatigue, banal overwork – this is perhaps the very first and most obvious reasons. Sending painful signals, the body seems to say that it is time to rest. It is worth listening to him. All measures should be taken in a timely manner, and even better to engage in prevention. So, if you have a slight headache due to the heavy workload (you feel pulsations, jolts in the head), take time to rest, relax, take a few deep breaths or go out into the fresh air, let your eyes switch to the others. ” landscapes. As a rule, such a headache can be managed without the participation of a doctor, but you should not ignore it.

A very interesting fact is known: sometimes a headache in the forehead can occur due to the fact that you eat harmful foods. Surprised? And this is true. It is not only about products containing caffeine (chocolate, tea, coffee), but also about fast food, nuts, cheeses, meat semi-finished products. And of course, do not forget about alcohol, cigarettes. They have not made a single person healthy.

Quite often, acute headaches in the forehead or eyes occur because a person is sick with something. There are many diseases that lead to severe pain syndrome:
Migraine . When headaches are felt in the forehead and eyes on one side, this can be a symptom of migraine. Its attacks do not begin abruptly, but gradually: first, the temples throb, then pain is felt in the brain. Migraine can last from a couple of minutes to three days.
Hypertension . High blood pressure is one of the causes of headaches. Without drugs is not enough. If you suffer from hypertension, you should always have an apparatus for measuring pressure at your fingertips. The doctor will prescribe the necessary therapy after you pass a series of necessary examinations.
Concussion of the brain. Pain in the head after a stroke is an obvious symptom of a concussion. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.
Eye disease. Headache can be caused by myopia, because this disease puts strain on the organs of vision. What to do in this case? You need to contact an oculist and order glasses that will improve the situation.
Glaucoma (open-angle, closed-angle) is another headache-causing disease. In this case, the eyes react painfully to light, nausea can occur. If you do not treat glaucoma, it can cause complete loss of vision. In this case, a visit to the doctor is required.
Dangerous diseases – a brain tumor, Horton syndrome, AVR, trigeminal neuralgia, encephalitis, stroke, temporal arteritis They are almost always accompanied by a severe headache. The sooner you recognize the disease and start treating it, the greater the chances of a successful recovery.
Infections and viruses . Flu, the common cold, sinusitis, sinusitis can be accompanied by headache in the forehead. Of particular danger is meningitis – an infection of the brain, accompanied by dizziness, nausea, weakness, a rise in body temperature. In this case, a complete examination is required, especially if it is necessary if the headaches were preceded by severe hypothermia. What causes untreated meningitis? Fatal. Keep this in mind when you begin to doubt whether to consult a doctor or not.

It is important to emphasize that in some cases, the cause of headache in the forehead may be to stay in the bright sun or strong wind. Sometimes painful sensations can be caused by dryness in the eye, trauma due to a mote. The best recommendations are to maintain personal hygiene, wearing sunglasses.

If there is a headache in the forehead area of ​​schoolchildren, pupils, students, the children should be given time to rest. Excessive learning is harmful for everyone. During the period of control examinations, the brain has to process a lot of information, and during this period it is recommended to go outdoors as often as possible, to take frequent breaks in school.

Whatever the cause of the headache is, you shouldn’t leave it pass by itself. Do not think about how to quickly stop pain, better start to eliminate the real cause of pain, start dealing with the factor that caused this disease.

Forehead Headache: Home Treatment

What to do when there is a headache in the forehead? As noted earlier, you need to understand the nature of this pain, and not just deal with the symptoms.

If the pain is severe and you still need to be patient before consulting with the doctor, you can take emergency measures to reduce the pain syndrome:
• Take a warm bath with chamomile tea added to the water (the method should not be practiced at a high temperature).
• Take a break from working at the computer, from watching TV. Then the pain caused by overstressing, will pass.
• Try a head massage.
• Relax, drink melissa tea, warm milk with honey.

When you often have headaches, you should definitely seek professional help from a doctor. After all, an acute or severe incessant headache may indicate the presence of serious diseases, the development of a dangerous pathology. Having muffled the pain with pills, you can only hurt. It is better to trust a specialist. He will conduct a detailed, full-scale examination, determine the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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