Tablets for diarrhea: a list of drugs

Tablets for diarrhea: a list of drugs

Diarrhea – a fairly common problem, with which at least once in life almost everybody has joined. In most cases, diarrhea is explained by mild poisoning with expired food and is treated accordingly – with abundant drinking, herbal remedies from traditional medicine and a number of medicines that are in every home medicine chest for such cases.

The most popular anti-diarrhea drugs in our country are activated carbon and Smekta. Both of these drugs are sorbents with a pronounced detoxification effect, which are distinguished by their effectiveness and quick effect after application.

But in modern medicine, diarrhea is a rather complicated disease, to which a number of prerequisites can lead. Therefore, drugs for diarrhea, there are quite different. In all this diversity, we will see that the assortment of pharmacies only helps you in choosing the right means, and does not lead you to a state of confusion.

Classification of Diarrhea Medicines

Diarrhea remedies are divided into five groups:

  • probiotics – drugs that are used to relieve symptoms of dysbacteriosis, one of which is diarrhea;
  • medications aimed at slowing the wavelike contractions of the walls of the rectum – peristalsis;
  • antibiotics, that eliminate the cause of diarrhea – intestinal infections;
  • enterosorbents – means for binding exogenous and endogenous substances in the gastrointestinal tract by increasing adsorption, absorption, complexation and ion exchange;
  • herbal medicines, which mostly have a binder and tanning effect on the intestinal contents.

Probiotics against diarrhea

Probiotics are products that contain microorganisms that are natural for the human intestinal microflora. If the microflora is disturbed – dysbacteriosis, probiotics help to restore the balance of microorganisms, which leads to the normalization of stool. Probiotics recommended for diarrhea, quite a lot. Consider the main ones:

Drug Release form Description How to use
Linex Capsules, weighing 1 gram. The antidiarrheal effect of Linex is due to the normalization of intestinal microflora. For children under two years old, this medication is prescribed one capsule three times a day, and for children over two years old and adult patients one or two capsules three times a day.
Bifidumbacterin Powder in foil pouches, five doses per bag. Normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, has a negative impact on a large number of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic bacteria. Newborns – one or two doses of drugs three times a day, children from six months to a year – three doses three times a day, Children older than a year and adults – five doses of Bifidumbacterin three times a day.
The duration of treatment is up to two weeks.
Bifikol Vials or vials of three doses each. Bifikol is an antimicrobial drug, substances of which also normalize the intestinal microflora. Bifikol is used on the prescription of a doctor in the amount of one to five doses twice a day. You need to take the drug twice a day. The course of treatment is two weeks.
Hilak Forte Drops in bottles of 30 or 100 milliliters. One of the most popular antidiarrheal drugs. The undoubted advantage is the action exclusively in the intestinal lumen. Accelerates the absorption of food, does not allow the pathogenic flora to spread. Drops are dissolved in water and the recommended dose is taken three times a day before or during meals. Children up to two years old – 15-30 drops, children under 12 years old – 20-40 drops, adults – 40-60 drops. After improving well-being, the dose of Hilak Forte is halved.

Peristalsis drugs

The intensity of the process of defecation depends on the wave-like contractions of the walls of the rectum. Means of this group slow down peristalsis, thereby normalizing stool. The main drugs in this area include:

Drug Release form Description How to use
Imodium Capsules Loperamide, which is part of Imodium, has a selective blocking effect on opoid receptors. The drug is prescribed exclusively by a doctor. In most cases, adults take two capsules, and children – one, with a frequency of administration, depending on the immediate effect. The maximum daily dose of Imodium is three capsules for children and eight capsules for adults.
Loperamide Tablets, tablets for dissolving in water, capsules, syrup, solution for internal administration. The drug reduces intestinal motility and normalizes the tone of the anal sphincter. For children from two to five years, Loperamide is administered as a syrup: one milligram per 10 kilograms of baby’s weight three times a day. Depending on preference, two milligrams of loperamide are prescribed to older children and four milligrams to adults.
Enterobene Coated tablets for diarrhea. A drug for the symptomatic treatment of diarrhea. Children from eight years old are prescribed one tablet at a time with a maximum daily dose of four tablets. The intensity of the intake depends on the degree of diarrhea.
Adults single dose Enterobene is two tablets with a maximum daily dose of eight tablets.

Antibiotics for diarrhea

Antibiotics for diarrhea are taken only when accurately determining the cause of diarrhea. If this problem with the stool is caused by an intraintestinal bacterial infection, then only then taking antibiotics is a reasonable solution. Visually, the presence of an intra-intestinal infection can be determined by the characteristic impurities in the feces: mucus and bloody greenish patches. In such cases, the following antibiotic drugs are prescribed:

Drug Release form Description How to use
Levomycetinum Tablets, powder for the preparation of injections for intramuscular or intravenous administration. Antimicrobial, effective against a variety of microorganisms. It has a pronounced bacteriostatic action. Most pathogens are not able to produce resistance to the drug. Levomycetin tablets are administered one tablet two to three times a day, depending on the age of the patient and the intensity of diarrhea.
Injections of chloramphenicol are administered intramuscularly or intravenously. Children from three to 16 years old single dose of the drug is calculated by the formula of 25 milligrams of powder per kilogram of weight twice a day. A single dose for adults is 500-1000 milligrams with the same frequency of administration.
Metronidazole Tablets, solution for infusion, powder for solution for intravenous injections, suspension. Metronidazole is a derivative of 5-nitroimidazole. It has antiprotozoal and antimicrobial action. Metronidazole is prescribed in a pill, one tablet twice a day. The course is up to four days.
Amoxicillin Tablets, powder for injection, suspension, capsules. A bactericidal antibiotic belonging to semi-synthetic penicillins. Effective against intestinal infections. Patients with a body weight of 40 kg Amoxicillin prescribed 0.5 grams of the drug three times a day. With a smaller body weight – a single dose is 0.25 grams, and for children under five years old – 0.125 grams.

Enterosorbents for diarrhea

The use of enterozrenty is considered one of the most effective means against diarrhea, which is caused by poisoning. The action of this group of drugs is aimed at the absorption of toxic substances that have entered the gastrointestinal tract from the outside. The most popular chelators are:

Drug Release form Description How to use
Activated Carbon Tablets, powder. A familiar drug is the most effective remedy for diarrhea. Copes with diarrhea, detoxifies the body and effectively absorbs toxins. Activated carbon in tablets is taken at the rate of one tablet per 10 kilograms of body weight.
In case of poisoning, the drug in the powder is prescribed at 20 grams per dose. The powder solution is also used to wash the stomach.
Smecta Powder for suspension. A natural drug with a pronounced adsorbing effect. It has selective sorption properties. Smecta’s treatment course ranges from three to seven days.
The daily dose is:
– Children up to one year – one sachet;
– from year to two years – two bags Smekta;
– children over two years old – two or three sachets;
– adults – one bag of Smecta three times a day.
Polysorb Powder for suspension. Polysorb binds and removes toxins of exogenous and endogenous origin, as well as a variety of allergens. For children up to seven years old, the dose of the drug is 150 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. For adults, the daily dose of Polysorb is 12 grams.
The duration of treatment is from three to seven days. If necessary, it can be extended up to two weeks.

Herbal medicines for diarrhea

There are several plants, whose antidiarrheal properties are well known in traditional medicine. For ease of use, they are actively sold in pharmacies, and the affordable price and natural origin make these drugs among the most popular and easy to use. Among the herbal remedies for diarrhea, the following should be highlighted:

Drug Description
Cherry fruits The cherry fruit contains tannins, which have an effective astringent effect on the intestinal contents. They are prescribed for diarrhea, which is provoked by non-infectious prerequisites.
Blueberry Some of the most famous berries with antidiarrheal effect in traditional medicine. In addition to astringent, it also has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.
Burnet Root This preparation contains tannins, saponins, and a number of vitamins, so that the burner root slows down the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, has an astringent and antiseptic effect on the intestinal contents.
Pommegranate Fruit This is not a pharmacy drug. Familiar to all the fruit – perhaps the most effective cure for diarrhea. Its skin contains elements with a fixing effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Pomegranate peel is dried and crushed, and then steamed at the rate of one teaspoon per liter of hot water. Children need this infusion three teaspoons a day, and adults two teaspoons three times a day.
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