Headache in temples: key causes of the disease

Headache in temples: key causes of the disease

Headache in the temples is familiar to large number of people all over the world and of different ages. Someone has a headache in the right temple or left, and someone suffers pain in both temples. Admittedly, the painful syndrome is very difficult. A person is ready to agree to drink any medicine, just to quickly stop feeling the pulsating pain. There are different medical solutions to get rid of a headache.

The main causes of temporal pain

Headache can be caused by various reasons. The pain may have a pulsating, pressing behaviour. Less commonly, it is cutting. Headaching temporal pain often occurs in the morning, which makes you wake up before the alarm. In general, attacks of pain “do not warn” when they come. Everything happens quickly and unexpectedly. In any case do not delay with a visit to the doctor, if the headaches in your temples intensify, they happen with a certain periodicity. At a minimum, it is worth contacting a therapist, and he will direct you to a specialist.

What is the nature of headaches in the temples? In fact, the causes of the painful syndrome that occurs in the head, can be very different. It requires a comprehensive study. The most common cause of headache in both temples is the pressure drop. Plus, seizures can occur due to some kind of illness. There are more than fifty main factors that can cause headache in the temples. Here are the most popular causes of headaches in the temples:

  1. Disruption of the circulatory system (namely, the brain). Doctors note that pain occurs with a sharp increase in performance. Often, pain occurs due to the deterioration of blood vessels and the loss of their elasticity. In this case, long-term treatment is required.
  2. Viruses, bacteria. As long as one gets sick with sinusitis, flu, colds, meningitis, a headache appears in the temples. How to get rid of it? You need to undergo treatment for a viral or bacterial disease and the problem will be solved.
  3. Age-related changes in the body. Over the years, the vessels of the brain are significantly depleted, and blood passes through them with difficulty. This can cause severe headache in the temples.
  4. Intoxication. Eating low-quality products, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, abusing spices, you can poison your own body. Intoxication, in fact, is one of the most popular causes of headaches in the temples.
  5. Pinched trigeminal nerve. This is due to a spinal injury, as well as after the development of a neck disease. Often in this case, temporal headache is accompanied by noise effects.
  6. Failure of hormonal background. During puberty, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, during menopause, there may be irregularities in the hormonal system. They are the cause of headaches in the temples. In this case, the consultation of a good specialist is also needed.
  7. Toothache. It is worth noting that absolutely any pain that is felt in the face can provoke the appearance of temporal pain. Headache, or rather its true cause, is more difficult to diagnose.
  8. Overstressing of the body. Crazy rhythm makes modern people to go about their business, not paying attention to their own fatigue. But it is precisely the thing that can cause severe headaches in your temples.

As everyone understands, the causes of temporal headache are very individual. And this suggests that in no case should one resort to the recommendations of acquaintances, friends, who also had a temporal headache attack. It is extremely important to determine the true cause of the pain. And only then, after consulting with a knowledgeable doctor, you can proceed to receive certain medications. Please note that different treatments may be prescribed for different people with the same reasons.

Headache in temples: symptoms

Any headache in the temples is characterized by suddenness, sharpness. In the event that the painful syndrome arose against the background of overwork, experienced severe emotional turmoil, the duration of the temporal headache can be 30 minutes, and can last a whole day.

If a headache appears in the pulsating temples in the morning, it is most likely caused by a failure of the vessels. This pain is accompanied by general weakness, tinnitus, nausea. Of course, we should not exclude the option when pain may occur due to circulatory disorders due to sleep in an uncomfortable position. That is, if the painful attack passed by itself, after a while, you know, there is no reason for serious concern, but it’s worth thinking about changing the pillow or the mattress. In the fight against chronic morning pain in the head, these manipulations will not help. Have to go to the doctor.

When pain occurs on the background of the transferred trauma, the symptoms can be very different: pulsation in the temples, moving the focus of pain from the temporal lobe to the occipital. In any case, the pain is very severe, and if you do not take appropriate measures, such pain can become chronic. When unpleasant sensations are present in the temples and in the neck, and even echo in the ear, most likely you have a sore nerve ending in the occipital region.

As you can see for yourself, by examining the symptoms in detail, it is easy to guess the true cause of the temporal headache, but this is not a reason to self-medicate. It is mandatory to undergo an examination, after which the doctor will be able to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment. If you want to help the doctor with the diagnosis, we recommend keeping a diary in which the number and nature of headaches will be noted. This is important for those who suffer from an illness not occasionally, but constantly. Thanks to your notes, it will be easier for a specialist to get a picture of the course of the disease. Do not hesitate, the diary can really help in making the correct diagnosis.

After consulting your doctor, you can start taking medication. It can also be sedatives that effectively relieve painful syndromes. The doctor, prescribing medication, is guided by only one idea: to offer the remedy that has less side effects. Absolutely harmless drugs simply do not exist. This should be remembered to everyone who is excessively addicted to pills. Therefore, one should take medications only in emergency cases. This is extremely important for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. In any case, everyone needs to strictly adhere to the specified dosage.

Get rid of headache in temples at home

To alleviate the condition with headaches in the temples, you can try at home, without resorting to drugs. Do not think that some method will immediately help you to recover. Home treatment is an integrated approach:

  • Self-massage of the head. It is done simply, without assistance, it is only important to find out where the points responsible for the headache are located. Much knowledge comes in the process of massage. Many people admit that self-massage is really effective. Do not neglect it. As soon as you feel an attack of pain, immediately take a comfortable position and start massaging your head with your fingertips. It is better to start with the area that hurts especially hard. Then you have to walk all over your head, capturing both the temporal, and occipital, and frontal zones. When you finish the massage, stay relaxed for a few more minutes. Rest is the best of medicines in this case.
  • Warm bath, cold and hot shower. What to choose? It depends on what caused your pain. Thanks to the contrast of the water temperature you significantly improve blood circulation, which in turn will get rid of headaches. The bath will relax you, which will also help to relieve pain.
  • Meditation. As noted above, pain can occur due to stress, overwork, fatigue. Meditation is the best rest for the nervous system. Many people mistakenly think that it is difficult to meditate. In fact, everyone can master the basics of meditation.
  • Walking outdoors. It would seem that everyone knows that it is important to walk outdoors, but many people neglect this advice. However, everyone can be sure that the pain in the temporal region passes after 30 minutes spent in fresh air. Walking in squares, parks – the best prevention of migraines. And besides, do not forget to constantly air the room.

With regard to the use of folk recipes, herbs, you need to understand that without the consent of the doctor to carry out procedures for such self-treatment is impossible. After all, not knowing the true nature of the origin of temporal pain can significantly harm your health.

If suddenly you have a sharp pain in your head, just set aside all things and try to relax, you can lie down and sleep. A good nap will definitely benefit you. And, most likely, you will not have to resort to the use of medical drugs.

Conclusion: tips on preventing temporal pain

Frequent headaches are an obvious sign that you definitely need to seek help from a specialist. The therapist or neurologist will prescribe a comprehensive medical examination of the cardiovascular, nervous system and, based on its results, make a diagnosis, prescribe a suitable gentle treatment. Usually, the underlying disease (cause) is treated and medications are prescribed for the treatment period, aimed at stopping temporal pain.

Any doctor will say that it is better to prevent the disease than to treat it.

Here is a short list of preventive measures:

  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  • avoiding alcohol, drugs, nicotine;
  • eating healthy foods;
  • adherence to the daily regime;
  • physical education, sports.

Preventive measures always give a positive result if they are taken in a timely manner. But in this issue should be guided by the recommendations of specialists, especially if we are talking about difficult methods. For example, acupuncture can be done exclusively in specialized clinics. Nonprofessional impact is fraught with injury.

So, you can get rid of a headache. The main thing in this case is to individually select the method that is right for you. A self-treatment is not worth it. Otherwise, in addition to the head, many organs and body systems will need to be treated. Any action and decision must be agreed with the doctor. And remember, your success in getting rid of pain in the temples depends on the components of a healthy lifestyle: good sleep, healthy food, rest and sleep. And of course you should get rid of bad habits.

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